We were delighted to see some of you at a lively launch event for Community Led Housing. About 120 people gathered in Assembly Rooms at Town Hall on a cold winter evening in January. We were welcomed by Charlie Fisher on behalf of the three sponsors, Oxfordshire Community Land Trust, Oxford City Council and the Collaborative Housing Hub.

Richard Howlett gave us a quick tour of a recent report for the City Council (Routes to Delivery Report) written by OCLT and Community First Oxfordshire showing the ways in which community led housing could be realistically facilitated in the city and beyond. Read the report here:


The centre piece however was a fast moving tour of the seven projects in the city and county which are already fully operational or well on the way to being so. Get a flavour of that from this short slide show:


This amazing work has largely been completed by volunteer activists pretty much without much policy or financial support. Now that the government and many of our local authorities (particularly Oxford city Council) are getting behind community led homes now in the form of grants, policy and actual officer input, we expect the sector to grow and develop over the coming years. The meeting ended with a call to three particular groups of people…….. and we know that you have heard this bit before, so please pass it on to others now…..

1. Are in need of decent, affordable, secure housing? Do you want to start your own group and CLH project – if so, the Collaborative Housing Hub is there to support you every step of the way. https://collaborativehousing.org.uk/contact

2. Would you like to contribute– time, expertise, money? If so join the Land Trust. https://www.oclt.org.uk/contact/

3. OCLT has had approaches from four local people who are interested in disposing of their homes off market to help build this developing sector and protect the sustainability of our beautiful city and county. If you are interested in disposing of land or homes for Community Led Housing get in touch with the Land Trust. https://www.oclt.org.uk/contact/