OCLT is delighted to announce success in securing funding for eight affordable apartments in Dean Court from the Vale of White Horse District Council and the Oxfordshire Growth Board.

On March 24th, Vale of White Horse DC’s Full Council agreed to grant the sum of £304,000 to support the delivery of this project. OCLT also has support from the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal fund for £600,000. This is subject to OCLT successfully gaining Registered Provider status with the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH).

OCLT acquired the site in April 2019 and obtained planning consent in April 2020 to build five 1-bed flats and three 2-bed flats. OCLT’s objective is that these dwellings will be available for affordable rent in perpetuity.

The flats will provide much needed homes to people on Vale’s Housing Register. Preference will be given to people with a connection to the local area, Dean Court, Cumnor Parish and the immediately adjacent parishes in VOWHDC. Applicants for the homes will be made through White Horse Homechoice. Rents will be at levels that are significantly below local market rents. The apartments will be built to National Described Space Standards (creating one-person flats that are 39m2, two-person flats that are 50m2 and three-person flats that are 61m2).

The buildings will reduce carbon emissions in comparison to other dwellings, provide thermal comfort, reduce energy bills and achieve high energy performance ratings. Our energy efficiency standards are supported by a grant of £9,750 from Oxfordshire’s Low Carbon Hub .

The homes will be co-operatively managed by the residents, adding to the sense of community and contributing to a well-managed and mutually supportive environment within which to live. Full training and support will be given to prospective tenants to enable them to manage the flats as a tenant co-operative. There will be a shared garden, a car sharing scheme, and a cycle park. In addition, professional Housing Management and Maintenance services will be provided by Soha (Soha Housing Association), under a management and maintenance agreement with OCLT.