Community led housing is already having a hugely positive impact on communities and lives across the country. It has proved that another way is possible and that there is hope.

We are making good progress on all fronts. Massive thanks to the 72 heroes who have given donations, and some have signed up to be regular donors - you are making a big difference. Until we have homes generating enough rental income to cover essential management costs, we need your donations. If you want to be part of this, please sign up here.

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News and Project updates

AGM Save the date

Monday September 20th. At 6.30-7.30 PM. This will be online again this year.

Registered Provider (RP) status

Our application for Registered Provider status is being actively assessed. This is a detailed process; the upside of it is that we are paying forensic attention to our governance and finances, and confirming that we have a firm foundation to go forward. Once we’ve cleared that hurdle, then we can draw down the funding (see previous newsletters) and put everything else in place to start building.

Dean Court

The Dean Court Project is progressing steadily. Sadly, our Development Manager, John Bloxsom, is gradually handing over to a new Project Manager (watch out for future news on this). We have been very lucky to have John and thank him for his hugely detailed and committed input to OCLT, most particularly the Dean Court Project, and we congratulate him on his success in the Local Government elections to Gloucestershire County Council.

Champion Way and garage sites

Having secured planning permission for our design for Champion Way, it emerged that there is a huge water main under the site which prevents our development from going ahead. The existing plans cannot be used, and this is indefinitely postponed.

Champion Way may be in the doldrums but the desire to use underused and unloved empty spaces continues with the work on the Garage Sites in Blackbird Leys. Working with Oxford City Council (who own the land) and architects Transition by Design we are soon to shortlist another two sites for further feasibility work. This will be followed by a face-to-face consultation event with people living near the chosen sites.

Read also here about a similar project that Bristol City Council is doing.


A reminder that you, our members and supporters, are a key part of what we do. We are keen to grow the numbers of people who want to work with us to build an alternative and parallel system of community owned and permanently affordable homes. Spread the word and help us recruit more members! - and donors!

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