Social Media Part-Time – remote and consultant position

Oxfordshire Community Land Trust (OCLT) needs YOU now to help run the social media side of a Community Share Offer to be launched in October 2022. The exact workload is to be agreed, which will depend on the efficiency/ experience of the appointed person, but we estimate that an average of 7 hours per week will be required; how this is allotted over a week will be down to agreement between the parties.

OCLT has started building 8 affordable rent apartments in Botley and will launch a Community Share Offer in October to support this. Starting now and running through until the end of the Share Offer (currently January 2023 but with the potential to extend to March 2023), we will need a Social Media Lead person to help with the following and more:

We need someone to:

· Manage our 3 social media channels - Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook - to promote our Community Share Offer. This will include creating new digital content and posts, managing our interaction, tagging and hashtags etc. (See below re video)

· Work with committee members and members to encourage them to help promote the Share Offer on Social Media. This will include newsletters, briefing and encouraging them to understand why their involvement in social media is vital.

· Help us get maximum reach for our Share Offer social media – including to local media, target investors and partners and other CLTs and community led housing schemes.

· Help us to decide if we should do sponsored posts on social media and if so to manage these.

· We would ideally like someone who can create videos for us. Our Comms Plan includes one 90s main video promoting the share offer. It also includes the idea of short DIY video content from people who are supporting the Share Offer or would benefit from more affordable housing in Oxford recorded on their phones. Ideally, it would be great if you are able to create our main promo video for the whole campaign (including on Canva). At the least we want you to implement the DIY video clips campaign.

We have a detailed Comms Plan which gives more detail about all these actions. We also have an agreed Share Offer campaign strategy, story and brand, so you won’t need to start from scratch - we have key words, story ideas, set text and concepts and a visual brand. But you will turn that into the actual social media campaign, making sure all our posts and digital content is in line with it. So we’ll want you to bring your vision and plans for how we do that. We currently use Mailchimp for newsletters and Canva.

Your experience and skills:

· Experienced user and content creator / influence on social media.

· Able to understand what we need from our social media and to adapt your skills and experience to what we need and in line with our campaign brand and story.

· Experience of creating own video content.

· Ability to work flexible and responsively.

· Well organised self-starter.

Additionally it would be great if you have:

· Experience of delivering communications, press and social media work.

· Knowledge of Oxfordshire and contacts in local institutions, businesses and community organisations.

Remuneration dependent on experience and agreed upon weekly workload. But we have an upper limit of £160 per day.

OCLT will provide guidance on the content of social media posts/ targets, but we would expect the applicant to know all the tricks of the social media trade so to speak to maximise our public exposure. The ideal person would be someone who is local and has an interest in social issues such as housing. The key output is increasing awareness and interest in our share offer through the creation of content, including simple and short video production.

To apply please send your CV and cover letter to Mark Child at by 5 August 2022.