On Monday 19 September we held our AGM for the year 2021/22 at Dean Court Community Centre.

Despite it being a bank holiday and the Queen’s funeral taking place earlier in the day, we still had a very good turnout.

Our Annual Report can be found here and our accounts here.

Our chair Bob Colenutt welcomed everyone and ran through our main achievements over the past year including our registration as a Registered Provider, the completion of our Oxford City Council garage site feasibility study, and the entering into of two funding agreements with the Vale of White Horse and Oxfordshire Future Partnership. Bob also confirmed the appointment of our main contractor Life Build Solutions, securing a development loan from Ecology Building Society and the naming of our first site Crofts Court after previous member Tony Crofts who sadly died last year. And finally, Bob confirmed that the work on our Community Share Offer had commenced, our financial support to the Collaborative Housing Hub’s research into community-led moorings in Oxford, and in terms of director changes welcomed co-optee Maureen Elliott and gave many thanks to retiring director Chris Bright.

Our treasurer Piotr Smok reviewed our year from a financial perspective, and Sue Brownill looked to the year ahead with a focus on completing Crofts Court, launching the Community Share Offer, developing the tenant management co-operative for that development and bringing forward one of the city garage sites.

Members unanimously agreed last year’s AGM minutes, agreed to disapply s.83 (duty to appoint auditors) of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and approved the 2021/22 accounts. Members also voted in Alison Mathias who was standing again as a director, and Maureen Elliott who had been co-opted onto the Board during the previous year.

And finally, Bob confirmed that he would be carrying out his role as chair for the coming year, and Piotr as treasurer and Fran Ryan as secretary would continue in their roles.

The evening was suitably finished with drinks and nibbles.