With your help we’ve managed to hit our halfway mark total of £250,000 pretty much right on time by the end of December 2022.

It’s taken a remarkable amount of work to speak to every and any sympathetic organisation, appear on local news and radio, flyer drop at relevant events and encourage all of our friends, family and supporters to spread the word and invest if they are able to.

However, to borrow a famous footballing phrase, “it’s a game of two halves”, and we’re going to need as big an effort if not greater, to hit our £500,000 target.

It’s more important than ever that we hit this target because there is no sign of interest rates declining and whilst our development is fully funded, being able to pay off a large part of our variable rate loan will mean a more cost effective development that will enable us to start to bring forward a second affordable housing site soon!

Let’s keep going!!

Visit Ethex to invest or share the link with your network! [Oxford CLT Withdrawable Shares Ethex](https://www.ethex.org.uk/invest/oclt)