OCLT awarded £20,000 from Community Shares Booster Fund

Two bits of good news today. OCLT has just heard that we have been awarded £20,000 from the Booster Fund towards the Crofts Court Community Share Offer. This is great news and comes at a good moment.

The second bit of good news is that we have hit the 67% mark. That means we have raised £333,250. We are so pleased with the support we have had from you and your network, it means everything.

But we still have £166,750 to go and still aiming to get there by February 28th.

Watch this 60 second update video from OCLT Secretary and Director Fran Ryan.

The Booster Fund money means that every pound of investment from today will be matched up to the value of £20,000. So we double our money to £40,000. That’s what we call a huge boost……

So if you’re intending to invest but haven’t yet please do so now. If you have invested then please talk to anyone you know who might be willing to join this wonderful community effort.
And it’s just as important to us to recruit more members so if you can’t afford to invest then please join us for £1. We are especially keen to have new members who are in need of housing.

What we’re doing isn’t quick but creating more genuinely and permanently affordable homes is the only way to solve the housing crisis.
So Don’t Delay. Invest Today.
Invest Directly with Ethex here.
Join OCLT here.