An incredible effort

OCLT is delighted that the Crofts Court Share Offer has raised just over of £500,000 to date and has met its minimum milestone. Thank you to everyone that has already invested. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response and the number of people who want to support our work and take a stake in our first development which brings community-owned permanently affordable homes to Oxfordshire.

We’ve also been contacted by a number of people who still want to invest but haven’t been able to so far.

As noted as a possibility in the Crofts Court Business Plan, we have decided to extend the community shares deadline to 12 April 2023. This will allow any additional investment to help pay down even more of our construction loan and make Crofts Court more cost effective. It will also enable greater numbers of members to join and support our work going forward to help bring forward more sites. That way we can start to make a real difference in the local housing crisis.


Your chance to invest!

Our investment opportunity is live on Ethex, which can be found here

Please consider investing, as every share really helps! Also, please do tell your friends and network because this is about communities standing together with those less fortunate.