Key information

  • Site Location: Dean Court, West Oxford
  • Grid Reference: 51°44'57.1"N 1°18'44.5"W
  • Status: Planning
  • Homes: 8
  • Tenure: Rent
  • Mechanism: Tenant Management Co-operative and Community Land Trust

Oxfordshire CLT has started to build eight affordable homes for rent in a high value area with an acute shortage of affordable housing on the edge of the City of Oxford and in the administrative area of Cumnor Parish Council and the Vale of White Horse District Council.

The intention is to set rents at levels comparable with the Local Housing Allowance for the Oxford BRMA. The development will consist of five one bedroom and three two-bedroom flats. The design seeks to achieve high levels of energy efficiency including PV solar for each apartment in order to promote sustainability and minimise energy bills for residents. The site is a ‘backland’ development located between existing housing in a mixed tenure area. This is a sustainable location serviced by regular and fast public transport connections to and from Oxford City Centre. We intend to operate a car club for the use of tenants and provide bike racks.

The site had planning consent for six homes granted on 25 September 2014. This design was improved upon and on 8 April 2020 full planning permission was granted. Lettings will be from the local Housing Register, subject to an agreed local lettings policy that prioritises people with a local connection, and a requirement that applicants are willing to join a tenant co-operative.

Our contractor Lifebuild Solutions Limited are now on site with the homes set to be completed by summer 2023. In the autumn of 2022 there will be an opportunity for social investors to invest in the project to make the scheme more cost effective. If you would like further information on supporting this development please contact us.