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As a Community Benefit Society, we are proud to be owned by our members. We are currently owned by a group of over 100 people from across the county of Oxfordshire.

As a member you can have a say and support OCLT through attending and voting at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), as well as standing for election to the board of directors. We also welcome members to get more involved in the organisation through volunteering your time.

Membership is open to any individual 18 or over or any organisation. To become a member you buy a £1 share which entitles you to a single vote in the company. The £1 is the limit of personal liability.

Become a member

Could you support us further by making a monthly or one-off donation? Become a Supporter.

Become a supporter

By becoming a “Supporter”, and giving a regular or one-off donation, you can help us to continue our pioneering work.

OCLT will eventually have a small income from rents. That will take some time and until then, we remain a small, mostly voluntarily-run organisation we rely on grants and generous donations to maintain our year-to-year operational costs.

We know that many people feel powerless in the face of the extreme housing need and lack of affordability. One way for you to change that is to support OCLT. This will allow us to shift the narrative about land ownership and move closer to the creation of a parallel community-owned and led system of permanently affordable housing in Oxfordshire.

Be a regular “Supporter”

We appreciate (and in the short term will rely on) the security that regular donations provide. It will help us manage our work to create more affordable housing in Oxfordshire, You can give monthly or yearly to support our work.

Become a Supporter

Make a one-off donation

We value all donations however large or small. You can even make a donation as a gift or in memory of a loved one.

Make a donation

Do you have land or a property?

Would you like to see your home or land help provide affordable housing for generations to come? If you are looking to sell or even bequeath your house so it can be kept in community-ownership please contact us to find out more.

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