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Donate property

Whether it's land, a home or another type of building, a donation of property has transformative potential.

By donating a property to OCLT, or selling it to us at a discount, you can both change the lives of the people who will live there and help ensure that Oxfordshire’s communities are diverse, inclusive and sustainable over the long term.


Read more about the problem we want to solve, and why we believe that community-led housing is the solution


  • If you donate your property to us, we’ll be able to rent it out at a permanently affordable rate to people in housing need with a local connection.


  • If you sell your property to us at a discount, we’ll be able to sell it on to someone in housing need with a local connection at an affordable price, while retaining some of the equity ourselves (i.e. a “shared equity” scheme). This allows us to ensure that the home is only ever sold at a price that is affordable for people earning the median income in the local area.

To talk about this with us, please email to set up an informal meeting.

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