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About this website

Designed with the principles of accessibility & sustainability in mind (with limitations)


We've tried to present information as clearly as possible, reducing clutter and providing links within each page as well as between pages for easy navigation.

We've tried not to rely on images or icons to communicate our message, as these can provide stumbling blocks for text readers.

And we've avoided using text smaller than 16px. For more on what makes a font accessible, see this article.


We're trying to reduce our reliance on photos to illustrate what we do. Each time a browser loads an image, this requires energy. The bigger the image, the more energy used.

By avoiding the use of photos and other graphics where possible, and sticking to text to communicate our message, we hope to reduce how much CO2 we indirectly emit.

And we've tried to avoid the colour blue.


We're no experts at this. We know that our site would be more sustainable if it was a static site (like our last one), used default typefaces, and wasn't built using a wysiwyg editor. Ideally it would be self-hosted and run off solar power. But our skills and resources are limited.

If you do have the skills and time to help us improve our web presence, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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