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Share your housing story

We're collecting stories about affordable housing and why it matters. 

Many of us will have experienced the benefits of genuinely affordable housing at some point in our lives, whether this was thanks to cheap private rents decades ago, to friends and family who could afford to give us low-cost accommodation, or to council housing when it was more widespread.

It's often the most privileged people who benefit from genuinely affordable housing early on in life, as they have the social and family networks to provide it.


We want to hear your stories about the positive difference that affordable housing made to your life:

  • Did it enable you to pick yourself up after a difficult time?

  • Did it give you the space to explore a new career or consolidate an existing one?

  • Did it allow you to care for others – perhaps children or an elderly relative?

  • Did it provide the financial leeway to do something creative, to give back to the community or to fight for the environment?

You can write your story here or upload photos, video or documents here.

We'll use the stories we collect to spread the word far and wide about why affordable housing matters. So please make sure you're happy for anything you share to be made public.


Your name will not be linked to your story, unless you include it yourself.

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